I do a website with 2 languages How to copy the new site and do the subdomain of languages No. 2

I am in the process of doing a website with 2 languages. I have finished the Danish version, and now I will start with the English version. All pages on the English site must be exactly the same as the Danish site. How do I copy the Danish site so that I can start the English version in Webflow and only change the text? And how do I do this so that the English site becomes subdomain from the Danish site? - with ” /en ” and variant for each regional site (as per Google recommendations), in the same way that Apple does on its international websites.
Does it cost more in hosting, when you have domain and a subdomain with ”/en” in the end of the link?
If that cost more in hosting with WF, then you can’t use WF for 2 variant of each regional site (one for ” dk/ ” one for ”/en” ?

  • or shall I build the site so, that I copy ”home” then doing a new ”home” page for the english page and doing the slug ”home/en”, and same for ”about” so the slug for about is ”about/en” , and the same for ”contact” so the slug for ”contact” is ”contact/en” - Because then it is only one domain?

Where can I get help??

Have you thought about having one site with two versions? So, two home pages with a switch for the different language. Basically two of everything on one domain.

yes. That sounds great

Hi @neanea6060,

For small sites it is doable. But you can quickly reach the 100 static pages limit.
You can make a folder and buttons for extra languages.
ex: Original language www.yoururl.com
Extra language www.yoururl.com/fr/accueil

Otherwise you can use https://weglot.com/ which is a breeze to use and will handle all the text strings without the need of duplicating pages. They have a free tier.

This is an old Adobe Muse site I am doing now in WF. The danish and the english version have 6 pages (6 menus) , and only a collection to the danish site, - so no collection to the english site. So this is a little website, but with 2 languages. -
So why is this so difficult?
But can’t I do a folder, - I have all the english text from the old Muse site so it is only to copy over to WF.

This is not difficult for a small website but can be messy when you have 20+ pages. You can definitely duplicate the pages and place them in a folder. For SEO, you can add the hreflang attributes.


Make a symbol of both menu and add language buttons respectively and you’re done.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Never heard abaout hreflang?? would that say I shall put this code in the project settings, under “custom code”: link rel="alternate" href="http://example.com" hreflang="en-us" />

  • or another code??? is there a tutorials of this on WF?

You need to put it on every pages.
Ex: If your home is https://www.url.com for your original language you’ll need to do:
link rel="alternate" href="https://www.url.com/en/home" hreflang="en-us" />

In the head code of every pages.

There is a tut there:


I’m looking at the same thing. I need the slug of my translated homepage (German) to look like url.com/DE . Is there a way to keep the slug on the German homepage empty so it would like like this?