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Multi Domain Alias

Can I have more than one custom domain for a hosted site? Something like domain alias?
Sorry if it is a noob question but I can’t find a clear answer.
Thank you!

Yes, it will work as long as you do not set a primary domain. Just add multiple domains to your project.

And witch one will appear on the address bar as the primary? Sorry I’m confused.

The one that the user used.

Is there an option to use one domain as the primary and have some more as alias?

That is not possible. To do that you will need to host elsewhere.

Is the way you tell me ok for seo? Which domain will appear on google search? Do I have to add all the different domains in the webmaster tool? Is it ok for duplicate content?

Most likely not, but you should confirm with an SEO specialist.

All of them should technically be a different site, so they should all appear on Google, however it might be penalized as you mentioned.

So this probably is not a good practice. Thank you for all your answers! :smiley:

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