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Is domain masking possible?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to implement domain masking on a webflow hosted site? Or is this an issue to be dealt with by the domain name provider? I know that multiple domains can point to a single site but I want each domain to render with the specific

For example, I have two domains - say and and both point to the same webflow hosted site. I want it so that when a visitor goes to the url - the domain displayed in the address bar is

And also, when a visitor goes to the url - the domain displayed in the address bar is

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi @Diarmuid_Sexton!

You should be able to add these under custom domains in the hosting tab for your project settings. From my experience the domain in the address bar will stay the same as typed in unless masked by the domain name provider.

You’re right - that does work. Thank you

FYI, i only works when the default domain is not set. If it is set - you can hover over the default icon, click the “x” and then publish.

I wonder how that affects SEO or des it affect it?

It’s going to show up to Google as a duplicate site.

Anything in Google Search Console or elsewhere I can do to tell Google it’s not a duplicate and to just read one?

That one’s above my paygrade for sites hosted with Webflow.

That’s not either domain cloaking or masking.

You mean “domain parking” - multiple domains same site.

Masking - using iframes to hide the actual URL from user

Cloaking - displaying different content based on whether it’s a user or search engine

Short answer: Yes, this can be done in Webflow - simply link multiple domains to the site dashboard, and DO NOT select a primary domain.

Your answer to the SEO impact can be found here

Just a follow-up, once you select a PRIMARY domain on Webflow, it’s no longer “parking” multiple domains, because Webflow redirects the others to the primary domain using 301 redirects. This is called Domain Aliasing (or URL forwarding).

301 redirects will “consolidate” SEO ranking/juice under a single domain.

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