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Two domain names one site

My next client has two DN that point to the same site, can I do this for the standard custom domain price if I use webflow for hosting?

Hi @davidharvey, unfortunately Webflow looks for unique names in determining custom domain pricing.

Also, I think Google penalizes identical content on multiple domains :\

I had a feeling that would be the case, however your Google comment might be the ammunition I need to sway the board.
by the way how do you tag people like your self callmevlad on this forum?

You have to start with @ so it looks like @callmevlad. Once you start typing the @ and first letters some names should popup :wink:

Two domain names one site

You can always pin the most important domain to one site and on the second domain you should be able to set up a custom redirect (html, javascript, htaccess).


Thanks @bartekkustra