Is it possible to have more domain's on one website?


Sorry if the question is a kind of stupid.
I always buy my domainname twice: one with “.nl” and the other with “.com”, and redirect one. Is it possible to set up these two domainnames on one website hosted by webflow?

It could be for me a great solution to do multilanguage. I can host Dutch on the .nl and English on the .com. So I only have to change the content once, and publish it on the right domain.

Grtzz Corine

Corine here’s an answer from @callmevlad but it’s from lst year and I don’t know how much it’s still true:

Now I think it’s legitimate to want one domain per language.

@bart, could you clear that topic for us? What is possible? I think the website Corine wants a double domain on is a CMS one.

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Hi, I don’t mind paying extra for this ( I prefere $5 p/m :-)). I thought things trough and it’s in my case the most practical solution to do multilanguage. It’s saves very much time for me in the future.

It could be more practical if you could set the visiblity for parentfolders off/on. than you do a folder “english” “dutch” etc. copy/past pages etc. and change the language by folder.

Maybe start by emailing your registrar about it. Maybe they have a “rerouting” service that you could use… making your .com point exctly where you want (like )

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Thanks @vincent. Is rerouting different from redirecting? Cause when redirect i can,t publish two languages. I am doing that nnow.

I am mail my provider, but i don,t understand yet if it,s possible on webflow, sry for that, but that,s my bad english reading.

Hi @vincent,

I contacted my registar, and it’s possible! So they are going to fix this for me as I am ready. So my .com is going to be in English and my .nl is going to be in Dutch.

Again, I will very much thanks you,
Merci Beaucoup,

Tropical grtzz Corine

Good to hear.

Just so you know, this isn’t an ideal or academic solution. But an acceptable one.

Ideal, academic would mean every .nl page has it’s exact url in .com in english and the url stays visible in the browser.

In your case, your .com isn’t going to be interpreted by google as good as your .nl


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