Moving CMS website from Wordpress to Webflow

Hello. This is a rather crucial issue that I am hoping is easily resolvable.

I am currently building a website for a client on Webflow. They own a Wordpress website with lots of content and I want them to start hosting their entire site on Webflow instead (because it will be easier and cheaper to move the content from Wordpress -> Webflow than it will be for him to move the site from Webflow -> Wordpress).

There is only one issue. The way his old website is formatted is as follows:

And on my webflow site I am required to specify a URL for individual page items when I make a new Collection:

Notice the red star… I need to create a Collection without an individual page URL requirement.

This is going to leave me with the following URL:

When I need it to be…

…in order to properly move all his content over (without breaking old links). The client’s content is heavily shared on social media, so preserving the links during this transition is key.

Please help me find the best solution for moving him from Wordpress to Webflow without breaking any links.



There isn’t any way to creat collection items with that format.

The best think you can do is create link re-directs from the old links to the new ones.


Thanks for getting back to me on this. This makes more more confident about the move over to Webflow from Wordpress. One question: I notice it says “Format: /folder/page-name” - there’s no folder from my old URL, so I am hoping a folder isn’t a requirement on this redirect setup page?

Thanks again, feeling a lot of relief.

Nope the old url doesn’t need a folder. The example being used in the example is /oldpath

Hope that helps.

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