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Hey Webflow Community,

I am hoping you might be able to clarify a technical difficulty I am facing with CMS Collections and 301 Redirects. Heads-up I am fairly new when it comes to 301.

Currently, I am using a CMS Collection for my blogs and would like to change the ‘Collection URL’ but don’t wish to lose users who may access the existing link. From what I gather, I can set up a 301 redirect, but I am a little unclear on how to achieve that with an entire CMS collection. I feel like I may be missing a step when I set it up, so any clarity would be great.

Current Collection URL**post**/*slug or name of blog***post**/7-pro-product-packaging-tips-for-entrepreneurs

Ideal New Collection URL**resources**/*slug or name of blog***resources**/7-pro-product-packaging-tips-for-entrepreneurs

Do I need to only input the ‘old path’ as /post/ and say the ‘new path’ is /resources/? Or do I need to add more information/characters?

Thank you so much!

Hey Marie,

did you have a look at the guide from WF?

You can use the explained wildcards to redirect collections and folders.

Let me know if you have any issues!

Hi @RDaneelOliwav,

Appreciate your reply and the WF guide link.

I read through the wildcard section, but I am a little unclear on how to input the structure into the 301 redirect settings, in part because I am unsure what I need to properly identify. Would it be the following:

Old Path

New Path

I should have provided this sooner, but here is a ‘Share Read-Only’ link if you would like to reference/ may provide more clarity.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey Marie,
sorry for the delay!

Since only the /post/ part changed to /resources/, I think you would be fine doing this:

Old path:

New path:

Your preview link won’t help much, I can’t set these changes and test them ;D

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