Transfering my website to a client


So I’m building a CMS based website and I wanna be sure about the procedure to do once it’s finished.

Do I need to subscribe to the professional plan ? Do my client need to do it too ?

Once I transfer the site to the client, will it keep all the datas I already input ?

And can they host their website on a custom domain if they use a basic plan ?

If you want to transfer a site, yes. You could have worked on your clients’ webflow account but this is not a very good practice. We’ve asked for an in-between, better solution to collaborate with clients who already have a site or webflow account. I’m sure a solutio will come one day.

Yes but pay attention to the message that will come just before you validate. Some things are going to be reseted, like domain hosting etc.

Absolutely. But a CMS hosting costs 20 when you have a basic plan, it costs 10 if you have a paid plan.

Be aware that transferring a site is… transfering the site, not transfering a copy of the site. Once you click OK, you don’t have the site anymore. So you may want to duplicate the site prior to transfer it, so you got to keep a copy for reference and whatever future needs.


Oh great ! Thanks for the really detailed explanation ! That’s great.
You answered all my questions and more ! Thank you !

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