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Move paid for CMS/E-commerce hosting from one project to another [urgent]


We are working on a project for a client. This client has already signed up to Webflow CMS eCommerce hosting.
Halfway through the project the client was making quite a lot of suggestions and so we decided to duplicate the project, call it draft 2 and name the duplicate draft 3. We then proceeded to continue working from the Draft 3 site.
Days later we have just realized that the hosting for this new project doesn’t copy over?!!
We have done a huge amount of work on this new draft and there is no simple way to copy back to Draft 2. Would it be possible for Webflow to move the hosting subscription over to this latest draft 3?

I appreciate your response on this as quickly as possible.

Thanks again.


Old Project with hosting: (Draft 2)

Latest project with with no hosting (Draft 3)

No. But what you can do is cancel hosting on the client’s existing paid site, then spin up hosting on the new draft 3, and ask for a credit from Webflow support for unused balance on the paid site. Normally I would have the paid plan already applied on the new site so all you have to do is cancel on one, then assign the custom domain on draft 3 and publish. That would be very minable downtime. You may wish to transfer ownership of draft3 to the client first so they can set up billing.

Issue resolved, Webflow support moved hosting as requested.

Then hopefully they will update the docs and process future requests as they did yours.


@Bammedia is this something that is on the future roadmap? to allow us to move ourselves?