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Best workflow for moving a site hosting subscription from one Webflow site to another Webflow site

hey webflow folks-

I’m wondering if there is a good workflow for moving a duplicate site, where updates have been made, over to live domains.

Example: current site (v5) is published with CMS hosting and live on multiple domains.

To make changes to the site, I created a duplicate version of the site (v6), made changes, and got the updates approved by the client.

I would now like to make these changes live; do I need to enable hosting on this new site (v6), downgrade v5, and point v6 to the custom domains, or is there a better workflow?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @ewoolery currently that’s the only workaround for transferring domains from one site to another.

Please be sure to switch over the domain near the end of the current hosting subscription on a site, or e-mail us at so that we can credit your account for any lost time on a hosting subscription transfer from one site to another. :smiley:

no problem @Waldo thanks for the help here!

I can post this over in the feature requests (perhaps it’s already there?) but it would be nice to have a more streamlined way to do this.


You could make changes in the same project, but only publish the updates to the subdomain for client to approve.

Then when it’s approved, you publish to all the other domains.

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thanks @samliew-

Yes, I had considered this workflow; for some reason it made more sense to create a copy of the site, but I suppose there is no reason not to just use that as a backup and make mods to the original.

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If you need hosting transferred from one site to another within the same account, you can contact our team and we can do this for you anytime. :slight_smile:

If you need a site and it’s hosting plan transferred between accounts, the workflow is the same as before — cancel the hosting, transfer the site, then add hosting in the new account.