How to keep URL structer when migrating from WordPress


I am considering moving from WordPress to Webflow. My website has many 1-level deep URLs(more than 500). for example
Now if I move the WF, I need to create a CMS which introduces a subfolder to my link structure which breaks the previous URLs.
New links will be

I wonder if it is worth risking my SEO… Is there any way to keep CMS but without a subfolder so I can keep the same URL structure?

Here is my site Read-Only: [[LINK]1

Not natively. Your only real options are to host your Webflow site on a different platform, using some other CMS, or to setup a reverse proxy which is technically complex and has its own issues.

Your best bet is to build your webflow site, then map your old URLs to the new ones using 301 redirects.

But also keep in mind that if your WP project had subdirectories, you won’t be able to redirect those with the 301 redirects from Webflow, which can be very painful.
(For Webflow, each subdirectory has to be a different project, meaning more $$$, and then you could create 301 redirects for that specific subdirectory)

Hi Joao, do you mean subdomains?

Yes subdomains can also be redirected with Webflow however you first have to map your subdomain to Webflow in order to take advantage of its redirect handler.

Yes redirect is likely the only way. I am hesitant introducing a new keyword to my URL structure which has a potential to lose ranking?

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I can’t answer for Google on that.

What I’d recommend is to go to a Google SEO forum and explain your migration and path change, they’ll be able to better explain options, impacts, and best practices.