Mov file with Alpha channel not transcoding as background video


I am looking to place a video (.mov file with an alpha channel / transparent background) into my design. I am placing it as a background video - maybe there is a better way of embedding it as I would ideally need it to be on top of other content.

But I have an issue - when I try uploading it, the upload gets stuck on the last ~5-10% of the transcoding loader. I have tried it with multiple different files (all with an alpha channel) to no luck.

Can I maybe use a different file type? and how should I convert it, if so? Or should I not be using the background video object?

Screenshot 2020-04-23 11.23.07

Is the alpha video an animation? I think using video would hurt your site speed, especially with an alpha channel. I’d recommend using a lottie animation or rendering the video as a .gif.

the animation is intended for the loading page, in my experience - lottie files can look choppy at first sight (they still tend to be quite big). Any suggestions? Do you know why that might be the case?

I’ve tried to convince my client about the size but they want to go ahead.

Maybe try converting your .mov to .webm?

Hey, just wanted to update that I didn’t manage to get a transparent background with webm (I’ve seen other people on the forum having similar issues). There might be a way to implement it using custom code and hosting the video elsewhere but I opted to use a lottie file instead for the moment. Thanks for your help!

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