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Background Videos refusing to load


When trying to upload a BG video I am getting an 'Upload failed. Corrupt MOV file provided" message and it refuses to load in. I have gone back and tried to load in MOV videos I have used on other sites (without trouble) but still get this message.


Hi @aajokhio can you upload the MOV file somewhere so we can test this out?

Also, have you tried converting your MOV to a WEBM format to see if that works for you?


You can access a MOV file I used the other day in a site here…

This exact file would not load in a new site I was working on today. I found this out as I always use Adobe Stock and use their preview files to show the customer before purchase, none of these preview MOV’s loaded either.

As they are always supplied in a MOV format I do not want to start using workarounds such as converting to different formats as this is not a cure for the problem. I would rather it was fixed.

Thanks for that link. I have tried it on my end and yes, it seems like the file may be corrupted or our system isn’t accepting it.

However, after converting the file to a webm format, the upload worked. You can download the file here:

You can see a demo of the background video working here:

I’ll start a bug ticket on this now. Once I have an update, I’ll reply back immediately.

One additional note:
Converting to webm really helps compress the file size. Your original file was 15.6 megs while the webm came out to 4.4 megs.

I would go with the latter of your deductions that something is not right with Webflow’s BG video uploader at the moment.

This file I uploaded a few days ago in a site, as with all my BG videos used in Webflow I use Adobe Stock so something is definitely up with the ‘flow’ Can you report it as a bug for me, please?

I very much appreciate your help as well and in the short term, I will use your workaround but would really like this fixed going forward.

I hear you loud and clear regards the file size too, thanks.

Hi there :slight_smile:

We have found the issue. Seems that your file was actually an mp4 not a mov file. Renaming the extension is what caused the issue.

If you rename the file extension to .mp4 then try to upload it, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Wow, I will be sure to also let Adobe know that their movies are downloading with the wrong extension.


Hi there,
I’m also seeing failures with mp4 files.
Could you please advice why would the following file fail to load up as a BG video ?

I’m having a similar issue, however, the same happens with images. I have to upload them multiple times and/or refreshing the page once Webflow gives up. Videos just won’t upload at all, photos will eventually.

I’m going to compress the video to webm and see how that goes.

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