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Mouse move over element IX won't work horizontally

So after some recent updates to the WF a few IX I had stopped working as intended. Namely horizontal movement of objects that is set to use vw units (px work though) for “mouse move over element” interaction. Problem is easy to reproduce, I set up the test IX and it behaves all wrong.

I wonder if this is a know issue. Hopefully this can be resolved since using px is not a good solution for me.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @dram

Thanks so much for posting about this.

This is definitely buggy behavior for the mouse move over interaction. Thanks also for making that test site — it’s super easy for the team to see the glitch this way :bowing_man:

Our team was just made aware of this issue earlier this week, and we are currently investigating it.

I don’t have a time frame for when this will be resolved, but we’ll definitely keep you posted as we learn more.

Thanks for your patience so far.

Thank you, waiting for the fix! The main problem is that I cannot go back to the previous version since this erroneous behaviour affects webflow interactions on every single one of them :frowning:

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Hi @dram

Yes unfortunately it looks like this bug will affect all instances of that mouse-over interaction trigger.

We’ll continue to investigate — thanks for your patience :bowing_man:

Hello, may I ask if there are some inner changes being implemented right now that affect the IX functionality? I am experiencing weird and unexpected behaviour in designer that go all the way back to the backup versions, like offsets for the “while scrolling in view” not doing what it used to do (honestly I never fully understood how offsets work but at least with trial and error I made it do what I needed).

At this point I cannot even change a text on the sites since this will break the published versions :sweat: Please tell me to sit tight and wait for the works to be finished or something.

Hi @dram, hopefully I can shed some light on your IX2 concerns.

First, we’ve found a fix to the VH/VW unit problem. The fix should be live early next week.

Second, regarding your scroll offset issue, we did recently make adjustments to the logic that calculates scroll position on the page. Our new method should be more accurate in terms of the scroll offset value, but it may require you to go back and update your site that relies on the older logic.

We’ll post back here as soon as we’ve pushed the VH/VW fix.

Thanks again for your feedback!

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Thank you, Dan, good to hear everything has its explanations. Though of course some small update could’ve been nice after the change of logic since some stuff may simply stop working (as is the case for me) but go unnoticed by users.

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@danro @Brando Hello guys, is there any news regarding the fix? No rush but since you mentioned that the fix was ready and just need to be rolled out I thought it won’t take long. Thanks!

Hey @dram

The fix was built out and is almost ready to go. Currently it needs to go through some QA and code review before we deploy it though.

Myself or Dan will post back here with an update as soon as it’s ready! :slight_smile:

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Hi @dram

The fix was just deployed :tada:

It may take a bit still for the deploy to completely go through but the issue should be resolved later today :smiley:

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oooh, yisss! Works like charm once again! Thank you and the dev team!


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