[Solved] Interaction Mouse Hover Bug

Update: Not a bug

Hey people!

I do not know if what I am facing is a bug with Webflow or the browser.

So what I have set up are links when on mouse hover, I have images appear in the background (like a preview). If I were to slowly hover over the images, they turn up fine. However, if I were to quickly mouseover all of the links in succession, almost all of them will not turn up (except for the first link).

Interactions were made with IX2.

I recorded a preview of that here.

Am I missing something or what can I do to get it working ‘properly’. Not a major thing but would love for this issue to not be present. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I found that giving your bg images position:relative is fixing your issue.

That’s it! That and probably the z-index of the images.

Thank you @vincent!

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