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Text Follows Mouse Cursor [Collection Item]


A few weeks ago I managed to create a ‘Text Follows Mouse Cursor-effect’ on a collection list.
Today I previewed the website and it’s suddenly broken (I didn’t change anything).

The animations I used are called ‘Mouse move over element’ (text will follow mouse cursor) and ‘Mouse Hover’ (text will be visible on hover).

If you want to see a live example the effect I want to create: go to and click on the top-right icon

If you visit my public share link, go to the 3rd section at homepage (Home = Offff)
Like I said it used to work before, so I hope anybody can help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance,


Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

Hey @Yoerdan

It appears that the interactions are no longer connected to the text elements. Once inside the interaction, right-click on the element and choose “change target”. Go to the Navigator panel and choose the text element to reconnect it. See screenshots below.

Tip: command-click on elements in an interaction to select multiple at a time.

Hope that helps. Report back here if you need anything else after reconnecting the elements.

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Hi @matthewpmunger

Thank you for your response, I noticed this problem and connected the text to the animation.

However, the Mouse Move over Element still doesn’t work. It looks like the X-axis and the Y-axis can’t work together. The text is flickering and not following the mouse correctly. If you preview this you’ll know what I mean.

Maybe this is a bug with Mouse Move over Element? If you have the answer to this issue, please let me know!

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Yoerdan

Thanks for posting. I’ve done some testing on this end and was able to reproduce the issue in a new site.

It looks like transforms along the X-axis aren’t working as expected. The interactions team will take a look at this and hopefully we’ll have a fix for you shortly.

I’ll definitely keep this thread updated as I hear back from the team.

​Thanks in advance for your patience.

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Hi @Yoerdan

The fix was just deployed :tada:

It may take a bit still for the deploy to completely go through but the issue should be resolved later today :smiley:

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Hi Brando,

Thank you so much for your and the interactions team help!
It finally works again :grin:

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