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Here it is! My Magazine & Blog, unfortenally at the moment only in Dutch, but the site is still in progress… :-). The website is made with the Waiters Template.

The site is a Tribute to the Local Artists on my Island Curaçao, (an Island in the Carribean, next to Aruba), who save their money and spend their time a whole year to make the Carnival here. (has become a tourist attraction to).

Since I am not a webdesigner, I had very much help. I want to thank everyone on this forum for being helpfull on my questions, the supportteam @webflow for answering stupid questions :-), and escpeccialy I thank @vincent and @rowan.

Masha Danki,


Fantastic job on this @Corine :smiley: It’s so colorful and fun! Really an exciting page with great content. Looks like you’re still working on the mobile versions? Be sure to ask us if you have any questions while creating the mobile version. That’s what we’re here for :smiley:



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Hi @Waldo , thanks many thanks for the compliments, I didn’t do this alone, so I did write.

The mobile is ok, take a look inside, only visible on devices, not in browsers. I had help with that!!

I had to make big choises, cause internet en wifi on our island are very prehistoric :-).

Thanks again, grtzz Corine

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Now I see it! Lovely work @Corine :smiley: So glad that you’re able to account for the slower internet speeds. That’s fantastic!
I will recommend to maybe even upload mobile versions of the images so that they’re much smaller than 200kb, if you save the images out at certain sizes for the mobile versions, this would greatly help load times on mobile to cater to those who are running on the older Wi-Fi. :slight_smile: Keep up the awesome work!

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Thanks again @waldo, for you’re advice! but the mobile thing is not from me. Code and stuff is like wichcraft for me :slight_smile:

grtzz Corine



Hi @PixelGeek, thank you!

Very good work! It’s always good to see success jobs based on Webflow Templates!

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Thanks for the compliments!, and for help of course @rowan !

Mooi gemaakt Corine, jaloers op! :smile:

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Thank you very much @TomLamers, jalouze on the website or that I live here :slight_smile: haha (I heard it is very stormy weather in Holland), anayway, thanks for the compliments! Grtzz Corine

@Corine Who wants sun all and every day :slight_smile: so I meant jealous of your website :smile:

grtz Tom

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@TomLamers Yes, your right :-), Sun, blue water and white beaches are so overrated, thanks for your compliment again!