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My first attempt with Webflow (WIP)

Hi everybody,

I’ve been busy working with Webflow, and so far it’s been great!
I would love some feedback on the following site:

Keep in mind that it’s still a WIP.
Note My free trial ends today so I’m not sure what will happen to my testsite :’(

Greets from the Netherlands!

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It’s a beautiful website, I like the 2 color palette.

Your test site will remain in your dashboard after the free trial ends.

Best wishes.

Hey ns89,

Thanks for the kind words, they’re very much appreciated!

Okay, perfect :D! I’ll be able to build it up even further!

Hallo! Leuk om een Nederlander hier te zien. :punch:

Dropshadow is a little harsh on the header, in my opinion.
Also button text is not really nice with the image behind it. Again my opinion.
You’re doing well in your first website.


Hey Rowan, dat is inderdaad leuk!
Ik heb even gekeken en je hebt fantastische templates gemaakt! :wink:

You’re right about the header, I’m going to solve it right away.
I’m surely going to finish it!