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Finally, my third website!

I made my third website in webflow, and finally it’s done.

It’s a little portfolio website for my Costumes & Stories.

It is based on the Different Studio Template and changed that into colour :-).

Thanks to @vincent, @sabanna @jaidenleach for solve things for me on the forum!

Advice, and tips about styling are welcome!


Good job :slight_smile: Congratulations! :tada:

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Thank you :slight_smile: ! @sabanna for you’re help to, mobile is running good now!

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Beautiful work @corine! Love the site, costumes, colors, and animations. Fantastic (& very original!) work with this template - simply beautiful.

I love seeing what others are able to create & transform with templates I put out, this truly has your unique mark on it :clap:

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Great site and great costume designs Corine!

I love the elegance of the first section with that oblique cut.

Good job!


Thanks @vincent and @jaidenleach for youre compliments! grtzzz Corine

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How did you create the loading page?

Hi @minewirenetwork,

I used the template Different Studio, cause i am not a webdesigner, don’t know anything about code. My english is very poor, so i can’t help you. Here is the link for the website in webflow, maybe it can help or ask @jaidenleach, designer of the template.

grtzz Corine

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Hi there, the loading screen was created by me specifically for the Different Studios Template.
It is essentially a fixed full page div with a gif of that loop loader in the middle. It is set to display this full div on initial appearance and hide once the page has loaded.

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