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Comments my first project welkom!


This is my first project in webflow. I’ve used a the “studio online” template. Because I’m not a webdesigner (I wanted a nice blog-site) I would like to hear from you prof’s. The text isn’t ready yet, but never mind, it will be in Dutch, by the way my English is very bad.

public link

kind regards,

Very nice, very fresh, I like the pics a lot (: want summer to be here again already!

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Thanks for you’re compliment @vincent !

The pics are from my daughter and myself. We live in paradise :smile:

Lots of greetings, Corine

Then I vote for you to organise the first Webflow camp!

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@vincent, I will organise that, a trip to the Caribbean is always relaxed! :smile:

Beautiful! Love the imagery as well.

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The black thing at see in the photo banner makes me think of something we have here, the Fort Boyard.

It’s been a fort a century ago and now they shoot TV game series in it (:

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@jaidenraleach, thanks for compliments!

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beautiful imagry. You could have a career in photography! Nice use of the template :smile:

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Many thanks!!! @Chance_Percival

I am in full agreement with the others and their comments about the imagery- very nice! Yes, very good use of the template. I did see one thing that you may want to check. When I hover over the “contact” button toward the bottom of the page the word becomes invisible.

Great job Corine!

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very nice.

1 minor fix.
bottom of page main page

work hard in silence
let succes make the noise

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Nice site @Corine ! I agree with @vincent, we should have a Webflow user convention in paradise :slight_smile:

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Thanks @stuzz, I see that letterthing. I hope I can fix it!

Many thanks @Revolution, I don’t understand the minor fix?

Many thanks for the compliments & replying to my question about the lightboxes! @cyberdave

the word “succes” appears in your text… perhaps you meant “success” ?

aha, I get it! Thanks! @Revolution

very cool! website Corine, wish I could read your blog :smile:

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Many thanks @Daniel_Sun, you could try to learn Dutch :-)!

I’am looking in the futures for someone who can translate it in English for me, but that’s difficult. grtzzz