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More and more bugs it seems

Hey Webflow team,

Just wondering what is happening with Webflow lately? Every time I use the program I seem to come across a different bug - it’s getting quite frustrating and it’s hindering my workflow in quite a big way. As you can see from the videos I sent, the 2 bugs are clearly not related to my project setup. The first is a simple copy and paste of a classname (can be anything, a bit of text in textedit pasted in the the class box) causes webflow to crash. Also I have experienced weird scroll issues where I am unable to scroll in the navigator view - I have to log out of the project.

I first thought it was related to the browser or a plugin but even after switching to Private browser mode I am still experiencing numerous different bugs every time I use it!

I still love the app but I am experiencing more bugs it seems and not less as time goes on…what is the Webflow team doing to address these issues?


@cyberdave do you think this is related to the topic we were discussing here?

It could be related, not sure. It’s easy to reproduce. Just copy some random text from textedit and paste into a brand new project and the empty class box and Webflow crashes!

The point is, in daily use with Webflow lately I am experiencing weird bugs…and quite often they are different ones! It’s quite frustrating…I used to sing Webflow’s praises to everyone I know…but I’m hesitant to do that at the moment with all these strange bugs that I keep discovering.

Hi @simon_l

Thanks so much for posting your feedback here – definitely appreciate your transparency!

First, I’d like to address the specific bug you mentioned about the Webflow Designer crashing when pasting from textedit. I did some testing on this end and was able to reproduce the issue. I’ve filed an internal request to get this issue resolved. For now, typing into the Class/selector field will be the best way to avoid this crash. If you prefer to copy/paste, you can first paste into the Designer in a text field, then copy/paste that into the Class/selector field.

Every time I use the program I seem to come across a different bug

I can definitely understand the frustration here especially if these bugs are hindering your normal workflows. If and when you do encounter a bug, it’s incredibly helpful to report them to us either here on the Forums or by contacting our Customer Success Team directly..

I’d also like to clarify what our team is doing to address these issues. At the start of this year we commissioned an internal team dedicated to stabilizing Webflow. We also commissioned an internal Performance team dedicated to speeding up the Designer. Both teams have made significant progress — since inception, we’ve been able to eradicate a large number of issues that affected the Designer, Editor, performance, and other areas of the platform.

That said, there is always going to be room to improve and we will always be working our hardest to ensure you have the best experience possible when building your projects. This is where your help is paramount — by reporting any bug you encounter (no matter how small), our Stabilization and Performance teams are better able to resolve these issues.

Thanks again for sharing your candid feedback — I’ll be sure to reach back out when I have more information about this TextEdit copy/paste issue. :bowing_man:

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Thanks for the reply Brando, I will continue to report bugs as and when I come across them as I want Webflow to be more stable and better! I love the product but I wish there were fewer bugs. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have experienced weird bugs in the past few months!

I would suggest trying to build some app type prototypes and have a play around with copy and pasting components that also include interactions to see the weird types of bugs I am experiencing. Perhaps some of these bugs do not show when developing regular websites when using a few simple interactions, but the problems seem to appear as the project I am working on increases in size.

Perhaps I am trying to do too much with Webflow, but I am using it to prototype the front end of some apps that we are developing and often run into problems and have to regularly backup my files to make sure things do not break!



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Thanks for the insight and great feedback @simon_l!

Perhaps I am trying to do too much with Webflow

Heckno techno! We definitely think that Webflow is a great solution for prototyping (we even have a page for it). If you are running into issues while using Webflow for this sort of work we definitely want to make sure those are addressed.

If and when you do encounter a bug, reach out to our support team directly and we’d be happy to assist!

Hi @simon_l

We pushed a fix for this. You should be able to copy from textedit and past into the selector / class name field without any issues :slight_smile:

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