payment processor integration

I’m looking for use webflow for an upcoming project. Though one requirement would be an integration with, since they offer payment methods used by our target audience.

Would it be possible to add this?

As per the docs only Stripe and Paypal is currently supported. Connect to a payment gateway | Webflow University

Jumping in here and expanding on what Jeff said since Mollie is an EU company. You’ll need a separate e-commerce solution for EU customers. I currently use PlugNPaid since they are fuss-free and offer bancontact, iDeal etc. They also display the VAT properly (not on their ‘price included’ button yet) in the shopping cart. They are still pretty limited when it comes to more extensive shops. There are a couple of other solutions but they require more code work.

Hi @Ivor_B.
Josh from Foxy here. With our seamless Webflow integration, you can accept payments with Mollie. More info can be found here: Webflow |

We offer an unlimited free trial and free one-on-one onboarding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Why do Americans think the world stops at America. From what i have seen here, there’s a whole bunch of non-Americans using the software.

Open. Your. Eyes. :eyes:

There is the practical matter of localizing a service and legal issues as well. Also financial considerations. Quite an endeavor. Try that with just a plain website.

Should Webflow’s Ecommerce then have been never released or/and be still in beta phase.

That’s a little short sighted I think. So all tech startups need to be fully multi-lingual and operate world wide before they build their market?

I don’t use e-commerce with Webflow because my clients require features Webflow does not currently support. No issue. My job is to match products to clients based on the clients requirements.

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From Webflow’s website: Design, sell and scale online stores on a totally new, complete ecommerce platform.

My point is that it is far from complete.

I would be happy with more help in the forums. I am getting tired.

Hi all, I see this is an old thread, but maybe someone had a recent experience with integrating Mollie on a “non” e-commerce Webflow website. I’m working on a client website that requires payments for renting bicycles, but I need to know if I can use Mollie ( stripe is not an option )
Does anyone have recent experience here?

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@Jasin - Not with Webflow Commerce. Not supported. Look at other E-Com integrations in the University third party integrations section like