Expand custom code editor

Does anybody know how to activate or where to download this if it’s an extension? see screenshot

Found here

The tool you are looking for is Chrome Extension Modkit for Webflow:

But I would also recommend checking connecting CodeSandbox with Webflow:

and WeBlocks tool to create JavaScript in a no-code way and sync it with Webflow:

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Thank you so much @maciejkociela! I’ve recently started getting help of a developer so far mostly for javascript and we’re doing something similar to the codesandbox.io, but instead we use github (he works locally, so he needs to send commits) and use cdn for perfomance and distribution I guess… the drawback is the versioning and updates don’t show instantly (we haven’t needed it to be too fast yet tho).

Have you tried this solution linking directly to the codesandbox.io?