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Mobile scrolls in preview but doesn't on phone when published?

Hi all,

I’m a bit stumped here, so website was working fine, now it seems to have broken and not sure how to fix. So it all looks fine in Webflow Editor and previews fine in webflow’s preview (e.g. Mobile version scrolls with menu popping up etc). However when published and checking on iphone (Safari) and android (duckduckgo) it doesn’t scroll at all in portrait mode, seems to work fine in landscape mode?). Live website is if you want to check on mobile.

So was wondering if someone could help. Thanking you in advance. Share link of webflow code below…

Hi @ParagonTwo you have the Body set to Overflow > Hidden on mobile view. If you remove this, it should be cool!


Thank you sooo much Esteban! Lifesaver, you deserve a beer!

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