Mobile site won't scroll

Hello, new to the forum so apologies for any inadvertent lack of adherence to guidelines, but here it goes…

Launched a new site back in April of this year and the site was fully functional across devices. Just recently the mobile version of the site appears to no longer scroll on my iPhone XS. All other iPhones (X, XR, 7, etc.) No issues. Not sure if it was an update to Webflow or IOS that triggered something but regardless… no scrolling on mobile.

Ive read similar past post and double checked to ensure that the body is set to visible. Strangely though if I pinch and zoom ever so slightly the site will scroll. Also it will do a two finger scroll but extremely chopper. For some reason your standard, single finger swipe when the mobile site loads garners no response.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here’s the live site:

Aloha MakersMage

I came across this older post while trying to resolve the same issue right now. I noticed your site is scrolling nicely on mobile as of today. Can you share what the fix was when this post was originally sent out. Essentially my site scrolls fine until it gets to a certain breakpoint around mobile landscape although it has intermittently happened in tablet also. It simply stops scrolling. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you