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Not able to scroll down completely on mobile devices

Hi Guys

I have this very annoying bug that whenever I try to scroll down completely on a mobile device on the homepage of a website I’m working on, the website won’t allow me to. It just bounces up and down rapidly whenever I’m coming close to the bottom of the page. The problem only occurs on the homepage.

I really have no clue what’s the answer to this problem.

Thank you very much for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hello @Martino,

On the designer I scrolled all the way down on mobile and I didn’t see any problems, is this only happening in the published site? could you share the published link?

I experience this too on my shop page but only on my mobile phone. Super annoying.


Yes this behaviour is only on the published site, and only on the homepage.

You can see this on

Thank you very much in advance!

Hello @Martino,

I tested your published site on an iPhone 7plus and an iPhone Xr and it worked fine on both. I got no scrolling issues. What devices are you testing on?

Hi @Pablo_Cortes

Sorry for my late reaction, it appears to be only a problem on android devices, especially in google chrome.

Same problem here.

Somebody else has been struggling with this:

I’m not sure if the solution applies to everyone. Can’t see how it would in my case at least. Maybe I’m wrong though.

[testing on a bq Aquaris X2; Google Chrome]

It looks like the disgusting elastic way in which this happens is caused by Chrome - unlike the actual problem itself.
My guess is that it has something to do with the body element, because this issue takes place even when disabling the bottom sections.

Annoying indeed.

I have the same problem but only in my shop - on my iPhone X so it’s not only on Android devices. It is only a problem in the responsive design - not on a screen.

@mattvaru - You have been amazing at helping me so far. Is this a problem you have experienced before and have a solution for? All of my other pages scroll smoothly. It is only a problem in the shop. both the main a product pages bounce and you can’t scroll smoothly - and the shop is literally the only place I can’t have that happen - people will get super annoyed and leave the shop.

Hello Guys,

@Martino, @Louise_Hou, @mfajnberg, this seems to be a weird issue, I have seen many issues like this one on the forum so, have you guys contacted support yet? Maybe someone from the webflow staff can help you better. Please share on the forum if you find an answer.

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Hi Pablo,

I just send a request to Support - I hope they will be able to fix this problem. I my case it happens in my shop, the only place that it cannot happen as people will get annoyed and leave without buying anything.

I hope they will get back soon. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Louise_Hou, we in the customer support team are taking a look at this, and will reply as soon as we have an update. Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, Jörn wrote me an email as well - I really appreciate :slight_smile:

Hi @Louise_Hou, could I ask again, what browser you are using with iphone x? I tested in android and ios on different devices on the url:

Here is the footer I see, which seems to match what is in the designer:

Is there another url that is having the issue?

@mfajnberg and @Martino, are you still experiencing issues with the scrolling as well?

Thanks in advance.

I am using the standard Safari browser :slight_smile:

It is not the footer which is the problem, it’s the bouncing/ not smooth scrolling? I was told that the European support team is working in this and that they will get back to me as soon as they have investigated the issue. Should we try to keep communication in one place?

Don’t know if this might help with some insights but I had the same problem with a site as well. Figured out it was likely because I had put a 70px margin on the top of the header image (had a 70px hight navbar that was in a fixed position so wanted the header image “below” the navbar) on mobile that pushed all the content of the page down which somehow made the 70px of the bottom of the page inaccessible, my workaround was to add 70px bottom margin to the footer and then it looked like it should.

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Hi @Louise_Hou, thanks, yes, Jörn showed me the issue more clearly, we are taking a look, that is strange behavior for sure. I will post back when we have an update. Thanks for bring this to our attention.

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Hi @ceciliajonsson, thanks, that is something I am looking into also, the weird part for me is the funny touch behavior that somehow breaks the default scroll behavior

I really appreciate the input, we are helping to check those and see what is the common denominator.

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As I was testing one of the sites just now with this issue I suddenly couldn’t reproduce this anymore.

Can you confirm that it’s working or still not working for you after a refresh?


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