Mobile Layout looks fine on webflow but messy in my phone

Hi Everyone!

I’m a beginner in webflow, and I designed this website for our app. The website version looks fine, and I worked in arranging the content to fit other devices. After publication, I tried the website on my phone and it doesn’t look as it portrayed on webflow. I’m not sure what’s the problem.

My web & phone browser is chrome.

Here is my read-only link: [Here is my website’s read-only link][1]

Screenshot of phone?

I’ve noticed the same issue with chrome on mobile, it only seems to be chrome on mobile which doesn’t like webflow. I did report it but not heard anything back yet. Not sure if its some sort of bug.

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1 suggestion, Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies on your phone? it worked for me

Yes, I did. Still, I’ve the same issue. I tried using friends’ phones, and they have the same issue. Could you please upload a screenshot? What is your device?

I have Samsung galaxy s5

Hey Matty,

It looks like my phone screen “messy”, see the different sizes of app store icons, the overlapping of text and icons, and finally the logo with social icons. If you go up and see my webflow screenshots, you can tell the difference.


I just ignored how it looks on webflow and started designing according to my phone. Yes, it’s time-consuming – but the job is done as I wished.

Thx guys!

Glad you were able to fix the issue.

When it comes to true phone design, it’s best to take into account the viewport height of the phone. So, whenever you can, try not using fixed pixel sizes and more percentages or VH. :smiley:


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