Not sure if I am testing responsiveness correctly. Looks good in webflow, but horrible on actual mobile


I am trying to make my site more mobile responsive and I thought I had done so. However, when I tested on my mobile phone, I got a much different look. In designer, the website looks evenly spaced out and balanced on mobile landscape. When I accessed the site on my galaxy s9+ everything looked bunched up and clearly not right.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or guidance on whether or not I am styling things correctly as I am still fairly new to webflow.

Thank you so much

Here is the screenshot of the website on my mobile device (taken in mobile landscape):

Here is my site Read-Only: Hypothetical Gym Website


I tested your site on My mobile (iPhone 5s :shushing_face:), it doesn’t look amazing, but not so bad either - at list on My handset. I also find that you need to fix some overflow and image size issues.
Watch the attach screen record to fix the social icons down in the footer.

Thanks so much for the help. Any tricks/advice is greatly appreciated at this stage in my webflow development.

It is good idea to attach A link of your published site In addition to the read only link so we can test it on various handsets and desktop screens.

Here is another screen record on how to fix the Membership option :slight_smile: