What’s wrong with my website?

Hi I’m new here. I’m building a new website, everything seems fine except when I visit my site on mobile, it looks different than on the preview. Especially when I flip my phone to landscape, it look so messed up. But on the preview it looks fine? I’ve built sites on here before and this hasn’t happened to me? I checked on other peoples phone too and it looks messed up on all of them too.

Here’s my site if anyone would like to try and help me, Thank you



Please could you post your read only link?

It sounds like it’s something cause by the positioning of your elements within mobile breakpoints.

yes, Thank you!


To me it just seems like the positioning is set up incorrectly for mobile breakpoints.

Remember that if you give something a padding or a positioning of 200px for example on your main breakpoint, this 200px will cascade down to your other breakpoints - 200px on a laptop screen isn’t a lot however 200px on a mobile screen can be much more noticeable. If you just ensure you’re positioning is to the right scale with your mobile breakpoints, alongside all the correct positioning settings you should be okay. I tend to try and avoid using pixels as a measurement when possible as sometimes it can be easier to scale things down generally using measurements like percentages, viewport width and viewport height etc.

Hope this helps

Thanks! This did help a lot

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