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Layout not looking/acting right on mobile devices


This page ( or looks fine on my desktop and in landscape mode on my Galaxy Tab 10 tablet, but really gets messed up in portrait mode on that device, or either mode of my Galaxy S5 phone (the page is a bit wider than the screen in portrait and needs to move right to see the menu. Also, the Nav Header rides down over the beginning of the text that starts with “Here’s How you can…”

And down where it says This Week’s New Releases and has the “Mike and Dave” poster and related text, it’s all jumbled. Any ideas for quick fixes of those various issues? Again, they look fine on desktop, but not the others.

If you notice anything else funky, please let me know.


The problem is you have VERY large padding and on smaller screen devices the padding pushes the content off the screen width.

A solution would be to make your padding smaller numbers as you move to smaller sized screen sizes.

Thanks! Wasn’t sure if that was the best protocol (of if it was better to make it all work off the desktop and downward coding).

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