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Mobile Layout displayed correctly in preview but not on real device

Hey Guys,

I got a little issue with my mobile page. When designing using Webflow, everything looks great but when visiting the page with my mobile, it looks like the heights are not applied correctly as you can see on the screenshot.

When scrolling down to the next section and back up again, the issue is suddenly gone

My read-only link:


Not sure of the issue, it looks fine for me. Are you viewing this from published live on a phone?

Hi Gary,
yes the screenshots are taken from an iPhone 5 of the published site.
The issue is mainly about the bottom line with the contact email which is not positioned correctly from the bottom before the first scroll.

Post the published link and I can look with my Android - I’ll see if it happens.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Okay, there are a number of things going on with the structure & div layout. I figured it out. You have too many conflicting styles, and there’s a easier way to create your layout. I can do a quick video if you’d like to see.

Yeah, would be awesome, I’d appreciate any help, I’m still learning :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure thing, give me a minute … It’s a little tricky so it may take a minute re-aligned it and keep the transforms correct.

Hey, I can do this better in the project. If you aren’t in the site now, can you send your login to my profile? I’ll log in and do this for ya. It’ll take too long if I do a video. There’s a lot of styles that need adjusting.

Made it clonable for you, thanks for your support!

Hey Moritz,
How did you do that background vector animation? And did you still need a video of the work? I couldn’t get the cloneable link either.

But I like the background, how did you get that?

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