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Mobile Hamburger Menu not dropping down/displaying properly


Looks like everything is there when opening the hamburger menu in the mobile views but it doesn’t display properly or seem to open the nav in preview or when published and viewed from my phone.

UPDATE: After rebuilding the navigation twice to see at what point I lost the hamburger menu on the mobile views, I discovered that setting the navbar to a “fixed” position seemed to be the point where it broke and corrupted the navbar class. So then I had to reconstruct the navigation and create a totally new class for it. So in my site, the old “nav bar” symbol has the fixed nav that has the broken mobile dropdown. And my “new nav” symbol is working. However, I can’t set it to fixed now or it breaks. :confounded:

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Hey Melamour
Your read only link is not working. Can you try to send a new one, so I can try to help you. :smiley:


Thanks David! Please try this one:

Hey Melamour
I can’t see the problem you are describing. Can you maybe try to tell it in more detail or send some pictures of the problem.

Do you want the nav to be fixed?


I “fixed” it in the site I shared by recreating the nav and not setting it to fixed. To show you, I made a copy of the site and reset the nav to fixed so that you can see how the drop-down mobile menu disappears, even when I set the nav to auto at that viewing size. See this link to view the problem on the copied site:

How it is supposed to behave: (can’t figure out how to get the dropdown nav color to behave the same but less concerned about that)

How it looks once nav is set to fixed:

The bummer was that changing the fixed setting did not fix the issue. The only way I was able to get the dropdown menu to show again was to rebuild the menu and assign a different class to it.

Hope this helps–thanks for looking into it!


I would still categorize this as a bug even though this thread was moved to “design help.” While I was able to work around the mobile nav issue by disabling the fixed navigation, I would still like to be able to use a fixed navigation if anybody can figure out why that set this problem off in the first place…thanks.


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