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Mobile menu won't close after navigating to new page

When I click on a link in the mobile menu to navigate to another page, it remains open. What to do? Thanks much.

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You need to give the hamburger menu a class, then add it to the mobile view. But you changed the mobile view menu, so it’s like a sole div. It’s not tied to the regular bars menu icon, like on tablet & horizontal mobile. Get that mobile menu from tablet. Remember you don’t need to add any other menus, it will cascade down from Tablet, then you make minor adjustments on each screen view.

Thanks for the feedback @garymichael1313 But unfortunately I can’t follow anything you’re saying. Can someone help clarify?

I tried to use a default mobile without any styling to troubleshoot and I’m having the same issue.

Okay so when you go to Desktop, there’s regular text menu.
Tablet, mobile you get hambuger.
Do they all look the same?

I’m not using the menu anywhere else but on the smallest breakpoint, but thanks for the idea @garymichael1313 The navigation architecture required the use of multiple menus.

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