Trouble with the mobile menu on the mobile portrait view

When my scrolling mobile menu button is clicked the drop down menu does not happen. here is a read only link:

here is an image

Hey @ailieinc I’m taking a peek at your site right now, can you please keep sending a little more information or an example of what you’re trying to achieve with the menu? :slight_smile:

Sure! The menu block on the mobile scroll is orange when it is clicked. The block around it lights up, but the drop down menu does not happen. You suggested that I make it “not hiddent” when I did that the nav block at the top stopped working also. This is an old problem. So I have the nav bar hidden.

This is what the mobile nav looks like from the top. And this is what it should do when it scrolls. But it does not. Instead the second image is what it does when the menu block is clicked, but NO drop down.

I need the second image to have a drop down menu when the menu block is clicked.

The problem I see is that you have two nav menus within the navbar scroll . Remove the navmenu 2 element and then style the navmenu 3 element give it a z-index of 999. Style it from there and you should be good.

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Hey @ailieinc it looks like the solution @Hamzster offered should work. Please let us know if you’re having any trouble. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Good morning: I erased the navmenu 2 and added z-index of 999. But the menu link still does not work. However, when I select “show menu” I have a blue outline of where ether menu should be. I know I am inches away from solving this issue. I just need to figure out how to make it visible. I have gotten as far as this:

here is the read only link:

I have gone as far as erasing the nav 3 and rebuilding it. It still does not work. The button does not work. The drop down menu does not seem to drop own.

Is it possible that the transform is wrong? Does this look wrong?

When I try to even open the menu in the builder it won’t open:

I have absolutely no idea how I did it, but it works now.

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