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MLS IDX into Webflow CMS

I was thinking about building an integration with IDX (real estate property data) to push data into the CMS. I have found many widget based solutions, but nothing to get property listings into the CMS directly where then someone could use to to do all the searching/filtering they want and it could be totally customizable. If this would be of interest to anyone let me know.

We’d need to build some sort of front end so you could pick what market data you wanted, when to remove the data (for properties sold or taken off the market), refresh frequency, etc. But that shouldn’t be too tough. Thanks!

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Hi John,
I was looking for a way to do exactly that. Take listings from IDX and import them automatically to the Webflow CMS. Have you already created a solution for it?

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I haven’t done anything yet simply because if it’s a one-off project it becomes too costly to maintain. If there were tons of people clamoring for this I’d consider building a feed that could get configured and just populate the webflow CMS, but so far either people haven’t found this post or there’s not much need for it.

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Recently stumbled upon this potential integration which @PixelGeek shared:

Has anyone tested it out by chance?

I don’t want a widget. I want the data in my webflow CMS.

Same here. What do you think how expensive it would be for you to create such an integration and maintain it?

So there would be a cost, I imagine to get the data from CoreLogic/Trestle which seems to be the place all solution providers go to. I don’t know what that monthly/yearly fee would be. The cost to build to their API’s, create some admin interface (set up clients, choose the locations of the data, etc.), then build direct feed using Webflow’s API’s would likely run $10k-$20k is my best guess. I would anticipate the upkeep wouldn’t be terrible, but it’s always something. If there was enough people asking for it that could subsidize the cost then it could be worth it. Tough to tell atm.

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There are already well received turnkey solutions for under a couple $K available on WP and that is a MUCH MUCH bigger market for developers.

Would webflow CMS item limit become an issue when dealing with syncing large MLS lists? I would potentially be interested in a integration like this.