IDX MLS Feed Integration

Hello everyone,

So, I have a client interested in using iHomeFinder for a real estate website. Has anyone successfully integrated an IDX into Webflow? Before I start, I want to make sure that it is even possible. If not, then I will be forced to go with Wordpress since they have simple integrations that come standard. However, if I can make a more customized site on Webflow, I would love to.


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Hey, did you happen to get an answer for this? I am on the same boat.


@kkarnesdesigns and @Karim_El_Barbary, any luck? same question.

@castleno9 and @Karim_El_Barbary No answer as of yet. Still looking for ways to make this possible without having to do standard iframes.

hey @kkarnesdesigns any reasons why you cannot use an HTML embed and use iframes?

@justin_c just looking for something that doesn’t require iframes and can simply take the feed information, integrate it more naturally into the design (preferably through the CMS as lots of plug-ins do on Wordpress), and allow for a more customized layout that isn’t dependant on the IDX provider’s limited design customizations. I realize this is a lot to ask, but I’m mostly asking because the client wanted to know what the options were as far as customization.

I use IDX data for this site:

I only display the company’s own listings for that neighborhood.

I use AWS Lambda to hit RETS data every night and put it in the CMS. I’m not sure how big the MLS is in your area, but I don’t think I would try and write the entire MLS to the CMS. Take a look at SimplyRETS for data.

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Hi there,
I’m a bit new to webflow and their CMS system, but it sounds like what you have done is:

  • Pull data automatically from MLS and feeding it into a CMS collection as a new item?

If so, do you know of documentation from webflow on how to do this?
That would be great to auto-add items in based on new information from the source.

Thank you !

I’m interested in this as well! Any ideas on how to integrate the IDX MLS into Webflow’s CMS so we can style each element? I did a search for IDX/Zapier integration, but it doesn’t look like that exists either?

Hey guys, I have been looking for a solution for this as well, I even reached at to Nelson @PixelGeek (he gave me some helpful insights) but it seems there is not a simple straight forward way to solve this.
To help get this functionality added we can vote for it on the wishlist here. MLS Listing Integration