IDX API Integration

Can the Webflow cms api connect to an external database and automatically pull and change data overtime on its own as the external database changes its data? I am looking to connect IDX (A real estate listing service) with my webflow CMS site. I need each listing to change in my database automatically as it changes in the IDX database. Is this something I can accomplish?

Theoretically it should be possible to create a web-service with a scheduled task to do that, if the external service provides an API to retrieve the IDs and listings that were updated after a certain datetime.

Just have to store last checked time, and a mapping of each external listing ID to Webflow collection item’s item_id in a separate database that your web-service app uses, so you can push updates to each updated collection item using the Webflow API from the web app.

Edit: Webflow API will not be able to do this alone if this is what you mean, but yes, the Webflow API can accept updates to an existing collection item.

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Currently there is no “pull” mechanism, it only is an api so it will not automatically pull data.

However there are 3rd party tools that might work that can do that part and then push the data into the cms (ex: Zapier).

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Also, in my area, there are 60K listings in IDX. Not sure how many listings you need, but you may hit limits. I am doing something similar, but I use AWS Lambda to update an AWS Dynamodb database and then another Lambda to write to the Webflow site a small subset of the listings.

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I know it has been a while, but has anyone been able to find an IDX Integration that works with Webflow?