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Integrating IDX with Webflow

Has anyone had success integrating IDX with a website built in Webflow? There are plenty of WordPress widgets available, but I’d rather design/develop in Webflow.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Yep and it’s working nicely. It will depend on your IDX provider and what they offer but I’d shy away from using iFrames if possible. Also, depending on the method the IDX provider offers SEO can be better some ways than others.

Would you mind sharing your website, who you worked with (IDX provider) and challenges you faced?

@jdesign would you mind sharing an example with us or pointing us in the right direction? Thanks!

Sorry, I’ve been catching up from vacation. And I had to confirm that client was fine with me sharing the information. The site is and the provider of IDX (as you will be able to see) is iHomefinder.

Challenges were that you have to decide on either iframe or a code integration. With the code integration method you are somewhat restricted to where you can place the MLS data – it has to be it’s own page.

@jdesign … the website link you provided doesn’t work.

Ihomefinder is one of the companies we’ve talked to. Don’t really want to go with frames, but don’t want to be limited either.

I just copy and pasted the link and it works fine. I didn’t include http or www because I didn’t want a link out to the site. Just copy and paste to your browser and it should work fine.

Hello! I’m working on a proof of concept and just want to say that this conversation is very helpful!

By the way jdesign, I used to live in the 352. Go Gators!

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Adding onto the conversation for anyone interested…

Spent the day working a proof of concept for a real estate agent. Here’s what I finally realized, working with iHomeFinder. If you want to include ANY type of MLS IDX information on your pages (e.g featured property listings tend to be VERY important to agents), you have to use iFrames. Thought I could get away with no iFrames on the property search page, yet still render featured properties, but alas, it’s an all or nothing deal with iHomeFinder.

Now I’m trying to decide how terrible iFrames are. Agents says he’s on a “shoestring budget” (for the record, what client doesn’t say that?), so it might be the simplest way to meet his needs.

@rebeccajg You don’t have to use iframes with iHomefinder IDX you can use the custom branding method inside iHomefinder. I’m sure of this as I’ve done an integration of IDX using iHomefinder on Check the MLS Tools and Property search. No iframes.

Contact iHomefinder and/or work through the help docs. It’s not easy to wrap your head around to begin with but it is doable and actually not difficult but a little tedious.

Good luck.

Thanks! Sorry…let me clarify a bit.

Absolutely, you do not need to use iFrames IF you don’t mind shooting visitors off to a separate page housed on the iHomeFinder site.

My clients requirements include a search tool on the home page as well as the list of featured homes, which is why I was thinking I was forced into iFrames. Right now I’m working on changing their requirements :slight_smile:

By the way, not included in iHomeFinder’s Get Started guide, but arriving in a later email were some tips about using JavaScript widgets…out of curiosity, have you worked with these?

Adding on to previous discussion…
I had a chance to play with the JavaScript widgets provided by iHomeFinder and you CAN include a searchbox on the page. Here’s my quick and dirty proof of concept:

Might be something you want to do for Chuck. Instructions can be found here:

Hope this helps! Thanks for blazing the way for us.

@rebeccajg Thanks for the info! So, when I started using/working with iHomefinder in the early Spring their documentation looked significantly different and was sort of split between the old and new. This was actually one of the challenges I faced during the project. Info was being upgraded to more accurately reflect how their system worked; it was difficult to find or re-find the same information. The new knowledge base is certainly an improvement.

I never saw the java widgets for search when I was doing the integration. I spoke with iHomefinder this morning and that widget was introduced in the last few months. The rep said that there could be one possible glitch - the search result page opening but then bouncing the user back to the page with the search box on it. So be sure to test, if you haven’t already :grinning: Curious if you saw any glitch?

I did notice the documentation for using a subdomain is much clearer now as well.

Also looks like there is a Facebook integration bit that I didn’t see before.

I’m working on another IDX integration for a local Realtor and if they go with iHomefinder I’ll look at these tools. I know there are a couple other Webflowers working on some integrations as well so this info should be helpful.

What the documentation use to look like. Just for fun.

One final thought. The search box on the top of the homepage – just because we can and it seems everyone does it…should we? Don’t get me wrong, there should be a search somewhere on the site and yes the search box floating over an image is nice looking… and I’ll probably use it at some point for some one. But there are numerous options to use when searching for property (, Zillow, etc.). I’m not sure (actually kind of doubt) a property search tool is what clients are looking for when they first a Realtor’s site. If the site was for a Brokerage then maybe the search function should be it’s top level tool along with information about it’s agents or areas served. When it comes to an agent’s site it’s more about local search optimization for the Realtor and easy ways for potential clients to initially contact the agent and learn about them (certifications, experience, etc). The agent can always have clients bookmark the search page or add it to their mobile device home screen.

I’m looking for a throw up icon…cause that’s what I want to do when I see their old documentation. Kudos to you for persevering in the face of adversity!

On the widget, haven’t seen the glitch, but since I was doing a simple proof of concept, I didn’t get too much further.

On the broader question of just because we can, should we? I’d say the answer depends on your realtor’s prospects, your realtor and your market.

I’m ALL about a strong, compelling call to action above the fold on the home page. (Full disclosure, I’m also a marketing & communications associate professor at a couple universities.) Whether or not the search box is the right call to action is hard to say. Other good ideas could be “Get a Free Consultation”, “Download How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell,” or “Call Me,” or “Subscribe.” I fully believe we should drive prospects to some type of action that benefits the prospect as well as the realtor, but figuring out the right action is tough!

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