Mix Category and Products together

I’m trying to figure out the simplest approach for ‘mixing’ various CMS Collections together to create a multicategory system. For example, I have a ‘Product’ Collection and a ‘Category’ Collection. I’d like to display a mix of these on a page of the site (see image below). Sometimes clicking on a category will lead to another category, sometimes lead to a mix of product categories and other Categories. I also need to be able to control the order these are presented, on every page.

On average I have around 150 Product pages, and around 50 Categories, all mixed up. Sometimes a product could be up to 10 Category clicks deep, if that makes sense.

An example of what I need to achieve is HERE. I built this site years ago but the method it uses to achieve it is complex and very convoluted!

Worth mentioning that this IS NOT an ecommerce site, just a standard Webflow site on Business Hosting.

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