CMS categories, subcategories and products


I have these collections:

  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Products
  • and some collections for display data on product pages

Everything works perfectly, BUT…every product needs to have different fields and data displayed on product page so i dont know if this is optimal solution.

So i have additional collections to display that different data on product pages and they are conditionally hidden or showed.

Is it possible to connect subcategories to different collections dynamically?

For example:

  • Category
    – Subcategory
    —Doors collection

  • Category
    – Subcategory
    —Windows collection


Here is my public share link:

Hey @REVAMP you might interested in checking out this attribute from finsweet!


i know that tool, but i can link subcategory to only one collection. So this wont work here right?

  • Categories template page, click on item and im in subcategory template page
  • Subcategory template page, click on item and i want be on product. In this step i can link subcategory item to only ONE collection Is it right?

I cant link subcategory to more collections even when lists are combined…

So this dont solve my problem :frowning: