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Missing Classes / Styles / Navigator Names

I built a component on my site created from number of nested html elements. I applied styles and transitions to the elements, and previewed the element several times. I do not believe I published the changes, but the site appeared to be saving. Everything was working at that point.

I revisited the site this morning and the styles were gone - all the classes related to those styles were gone from the style manager and the elements were unstyled. It’s possible that I did not save changes, but unlikely.

Strangely though, the nested html remained as before, and the transition triggers and css animations are still defined and still targeting the correct elements. In the navigator, all element names have reverted to plain html elements (eg. “Div Block”). Now, re-adding classes to these elements does not change their names in the navigator panel - they remain “Div Block”.

These issues seem related to this unresolved issue…

Here is an image highlighting the unnamed navigator items…

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I also have the problem where sometimes names aren’t change in navigator panel even when the class name is set.

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