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Webflow Missing / Invisible Class Error

This is a stange Bug. It is not related to a browser or browser cache.

This bug was seen on several refreshly computers… Win and Mac.

I have previously reported this bug - without images.

This time we have images.

Description: A class that you have defined

  • one that is visible in the Style Manager (PHP-DATALOAD)

Here the style in the Style Manager

but is not visible in the Navigator.

Here is the Invisible Style in the Navigator… where is PHP-DATALOAD ?
Notice nothing between REQUESTBLOCK AND CONTAINER.

No matter what you do… you cannot find the Style in the Navigator

  • therefore there is no way to manipulate it (move / delete / change).

If you Export the Code… the “invisible style” will be in the code.

here it is… in the Exported Code

Here… (in the Style Manager) I rename PHP-DATALOAD to PHP-DATALOAD1.

And Voila. A Invisible Style incredibly appears in the Navigator.

Once the class is visible on the Navigator… you can manipulate it. (ie: delete it)

And on export… it changes to the new name

When I delete the style

And export it… it’s finally gone.

This bug doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, it’s very infrequent that it occurs.

However, it is frequent enough for me to see / notice / watch for the bug - now around 6 times in 6 months or so).

In the past… I have had to trash the entire project (not form) to get rid of the bug… which means someone could technically lose days upon days of work.

But - as I discovered today - It seems… if you simply change the class name… the bug is fixed ? I thought I had tried this in the past… but maybe not so.

It doesn’t matter if the class is outside the container or inside.

If the class is used on more than 1 form… the error will occur on each form where the class is used.

Changing the name on one form… fixes it at a project level… ie: all forms.

whoa. weird. can you send me a read-only link to pass on to my teammates?

I’ve already trashed the class… so the error is gone.

If you still want a link… I can do that. Just yell back.

I do know… the error seems to appeared when I dragged the class in the navigator.

Basically repositioning it in the form.

In this process… I also copy another class, dragged it to a new position
and renamed it to the current name.

It doesn’t matter - but these particular classes "are invisible:.

They have a height set to 0… and they are only meant to comment my code.

In the past… I’ve this error on visible classes.

Hi @Revolution, thanks for the detailed instructions, I’ll create a test case for this, to see if we can reproduce it :slight_smile: Cheers,

It seems I messed up.

I was able to reproduce this issue in a copy of the project.

But then I forgot I was working on the copy… and over wrote the issue.

Will send again when / if issue it arises.

On a side note… while I was working this issue
I came across this

Style Manager. 2 Styles… same name. Is that normal.

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