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Class names missing in Navigator Panel

Sometimes navigator doesn’t recognize names I’ve given to divs. Most of the time it does. My exported code shows assigned name. Wondering if I’m missing some step or is there a parameter I’m overlooking that causes this? Maybe no name shown on divs nested 3 levels?

Not a huge deal but for production purposes I go through every element in the navigator panel. Stinks having to flip back and forth between Navigator and Styles panel to make sure everything is named properly.


Hi @Port_of_Folio,

Thanks for sharing being unable to see your class names when the element is nested. That does sound weird.

I was able to clone your project, but unable to locate that particular element.

Though, I did find other elements that were nested where their names are visible:

Would you be able to share which page we may locate that element? We’d be happy to take a look for you.

Thanks in advance :bowing_man:

Sure thing. This particular element is on the homepage just below the top slider. See screen grab. Just noticing the in-page element edge name doesn’t show either. Circled it in red.

Again, this doesn’t seem to affect the exported code naming in any way. Just in the designer.

Hi @Port_of_Folio,

Thanks for the additional notes on where the element could be located, as it was very helpful.

We were able to reproduce the issue within the Read-Only link, and within a clone of your project.

This definitely sounds odd, and we’ve gone ahead and let our engineers know so that they may take a look for us :mag:

Thanks for the heads up! :bowing_man:

I’ve had the same issue a couple of times, it seems it doesn’t always save the class name and reverts back to ‘div block’.

Same problem and it has existed for at least a year. Annoying!

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