Div class name not change in navigator

Hi @webflow staff,

I’m having issues with the class names in the navigator.
When I add them to a certain div it’s not changed in the navigator and still shows div instead of the class name.

I run into this occasionally but more an more the last few weeks.
I saw there is a thread on this from some time ago, is this still a bug? thread

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Currently the issue exist on the about page.

The problem also sometimes involves that the styles are no longer being applied or that they set class disappears resulting that the styles are gone also.

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I have also noticed this in the last few weeks.

Sometimes, if you close the browser window down and reopen the project it will update. But this doesn’t always happen and I have sometimes just created a new item and given it the same class which updates immediately.

I’ve been seeing this too for a while now! Glad to see it’s not just me.

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