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Migrating from Weebly to Webflow?

I’ve been playing around on Webflow for a few days and linking what I see, I currently have a custom website hosted on Weebly (Yes I know far from ideal now, but it was right at the time), how would one go about changing host (if possible) to Webflow.

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Hey @Morgenstern

I’m not very familiar with Weebly, but you can’t import sites in Webflow. Only data as a csv if you have something like a blog and Weebly has to option to export data in csv format.

What I will do is recreating the site and when I’m ready I will start paying for hosting.

Not a complete answer, but feel free to ask more :blush:

@Morgenstern Can you share your Weebly link?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Piter, I’m not so much interested in importing the site information more, what would be needed to be done in transferring domain details if possible .

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So you don’t want to move your site to Webflow?

You can’t host domains with Webflow, only point them to your site. You need to use a domain provider like google domains, godaddy ect. and from there you can point your domain to your Webflow project if you have one.

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions.

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

No way by some auto-generator or any idea like this.

If you not going to change the URL -
First create same pages on webflow (without changing URL slugs. “old” => /about so also under webflow create /about) --> Than connect your domain to webflow.

How to take “all assets” from your old site to the new one.
Try plugins like this one:

For specific answer please add your weebly site url and specific Q (“how to create slider X on webflow” and so on).

Sorry for the confusion Piter, Yes I’m wanting to move my site/URL but not wanting to save all old site pages as I would like to do a major overhaul of my current site (given the better tools available via Webflow)

Under Webflow’s pricing plans it states Webflow hosting and purchase, confused.

URL is (Scale model site)