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Transfer domain to new template

Hi There,

I recently created a new website/template that I like a lot better and I want to transfer my domain to this new website - how do I do it?




Right now your domain is pointing to a website right? You want the same domain to point to another site?


Yes I think so… I have my website that I created a while back, but I wasn’t happy with it so I started a new one with same template. Now Im happy with the desing and want to bring over my domain to the new one I created - Sorry im very new to this world so i thought this would be the best way for me to explain.

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No problem! Learning is for all of us :blush: From where is your domain? (godaddy, google domains ect.)

1. You need to add a hosting to your new website.

2. Go to your old site settings and click hosting > scroll to the custom domains section > remove the connected domain.

3. Go to the new website hosting settings > scroll to the custom domain section > add your domain

You probably need to update your domain DNS settings.

Tell me if there’s something I can help with.


Btw I’m thinking about an easier way. Can you share your old site URL and your new site URL?

Do you use a paid template?


Sorry for the delay. I just unpublished my old url.

I do have a paid template I am using.

When I go to the new design it asked me to pay for another hosting plan - Shouldn’t I just be able to transfer the URL over. Its the same template, just a different design.

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Hello @Peter_Kramm

It’s another project in your dashboard right? Webflow can’t transfer hosting plans. Each project has a separate hosting tab so for each project there’s a hosting option.

There’s a workaround. Webflow has a new feature called cross-site copy paste. You can copy everything from your new project and paste it in the old project (the old design) and you can publish the site with your new design.

If you have questions let me know.

Piter :blue_heart:

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Also here’s info about transferring hosting plans >

From Webflow:

Transfer a Hosting plan

Currently, it’s not possible to transfer a site’s Hosting plan from one site to another using the Dashboard UI, but this is something we plan to support in the future.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is cancel the Hosting plan for the old site and start a separate Hosting plan on the new site.

Piter :blue_heart:

Like I said you can copy the new design from your new project and paste it into the old project that has a hosting from where you can hit publish.

Hey Piter,

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out but I have some problems with my site and I cant figure any of it out.

I have developed my landing page just the way I wanted it but then when i go on to another page and adjust my nav bar, it effects nav bar on my landing page and vis versa.

How can I fix this and work around it? I thought if I ad a class to the nav bar and set that on every page it snaps it all into place across the board.

Could you take a look of my website and help me out?