Transfering website in webflow to another hosting

Hi everyone, I am freelance web and graphic designer, I am thinking of switch on from Elementor to webflow but I need some answers about webflow. Is it possible to in webflow done websites moving to other hosting such as cpanel or plesk? If it is not how do I have solutions.

No body knows these answer?

Welcome to the community @Mehmet_Tuz!

As long as you’re on a paid Account plan you have the ability to export your projects to host elsewhere as needed. These are different from Site plans (that allow you to host projects using Webflow hosting) but if all of your projects will be hosted externally you should only need the one Account plan.

Keep in mind that exported projects are unable to take advantage of Webflow’s Ecommerce, CMS, or the native form processing and Site Search.

Hopefully that helps :+1:

Will everything work the same when I export the code from webflow to another hosting?

A static site with basic pages, images, navigation, interactions, etc, yes.

More dynamic or programmatic features…

  • Forms, no. But you can use an alternative like JotForm.
  • Client Editor, no. That’s part of Webflow’s hosting.
  • E-Commerce, no.
  • Site Search, no.
  • CMS, no.
  • Sitemap.xml & robots.txt, no

If you use the CMS and export your site, you’ll get the basic Collection List structure for a single item, but with no content at all, like this;


So you’d need to re-code that, re-import your content, and wire it up somehow. It’s inconvenient that Webflow doesn’t export the Collection data and pages, or at least {{ Field }} references here, so that the devs can see where the data and repeaters need to be placed.

Be aware of that. I made the mistake of exporting and deleting 5 of my sites before I realized all the collection data was not in the export ZIP.