Migrating from FastSpring to webflow ecommerce

I’ve beeing using and loving Webflow forever, but it’s not until now that I’ve been tasked to create a site with ecommerce.
I’ll be migrating from Wordpress which will be mostly easy, except for the current ecom setup. They’re using Fastspring and I’m not to keen on porting that over. I’ve been eying Webflow’s ecommerce for a long time so I know fairly well what I’m getting myself into.
However, I was told by the CEO that the reason the CFO picked FastSpring some years ago, was that taxes are so much easier to handle with them, rather than selling directly with e.g. Shopify.

My questions:
• Is Webflow ecommerce equivalent to using Shopify, from a tax point of view? That is, do you have to register with all the countries your are selling to, to get VAT right?

• If I have to stick with FastSpring, does anyone have experience with a Webflow integration?

Thank you :pray:

Hi @Simon_Lessing.
Josh with Foxy here. Unfortunately, Shopify and Webflow Ecommerce won’t be a fair comparison. There are many features that Webflow hasn’t released yet (though, they may be planned).

If you’re looking for powerful ecommerce in Webflow, you might consider our seamless Webflow integration: https://foxy.io/webflow

Manage products with Webflow CMS, connect to 100+ payment methods, embed a customer portal, advanced shipping functionality, tax calculations, and more.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: hello@foxy.io