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easy eCommerce platforms ?

Hi all, Im looking for a little advice.

What is a good choice for a easy to use eCommerce platforms for starting a new business.
Ive been considering both Wordpress and opencart.

Background - My mother wants to start a clothing business, she had a small successful business some years ago but she had to close due to health issues, now she wants to do it again, my suggestion was start online first to see how it goes.

What would be the best platform to start with ?

Simple easy to use, so my mum can input the products and details.
The average person should be able to use it without issues.
Good SEO
Need to be able to grow with us.

Any other advice is welcome.


I recommend Webflow’s ecommerce. Webflow has a great startup ecommerce platform. If you need something with more complex features, I recommend adding foxycart to Webflow.



I’d like to join the topic and ask if that’s not a problem.

With this Foxycart, I’ll be able then to handle with all the backend part of the Ecommerce website I am doing? Because when it comes to all the backend processes, I really get confused here and not sure how this can work in the end since that seems that Webflow takes care more of the front end part of the role.

Well, as you can see I am still new to these things but I’d like that someone could help me as well with these doubts. :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance!

Would it be possible to integrate printful with webflow and foxycart?

webflow is can handle the whole process but only provides credit card payment through stripe or paypall (and web payments through stripe).
If you are fine with these options you can handle everything in webflow ecommerce.

Foxy offers more payment integrations, which is good for local payments, will be more complex to setup but you can still manage the shop from within webflow once it has been setup.

I’m currently checking howto use foxy, and also connect it to printful. Because webflow doesn’t support local payments (which stripe offers, but webflow doesn’t implement).

Shopify lite can also take care of the custom payment options, but offers less flexibility on the design of your store. And the checkout for the client will be done on shopify pages so it’s difficult to match the design to your webflow site.

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I see. But what about other data management such as login/logout, payment, address inputs, shipping calculator etc. are also easy handle then with Webflow or would I need of external tools like the ones you mentioned?

Sorry if I may taking too much of your time, but as you can see I am very new to this platform here these things and before working for a client, would like to have a better understanding of this part.

Thank you very much for your time in advance. :slight_smile:

Foxy seems to support these function as of quite recently (in beta)

Shopify offers extensive functionality, did try the buy-button integration with webflow and it worked (no need for webflow ecommerce plan, just regular cms). Does take some manual copy/paste to setup and adjust, or i guess zapier could fix that if you can make that work (and probably an extra subscription).

I’m also figuring out howto setup foxycart in webflow to test this

edit: it seems like webflow can’t handle this as of now

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Hi all.
Josh from Foxy here. Along with being able to have a customer portal inside of your Webflow site, you can manage your entire product catalog with Webflow CMS, connect to 100+ payment methods, and so much more.

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