Migrating from Drupal to Webflow

We are a scientific company and we are migrating over 1500 pages to Webflow. We have 200+ blogs. What is the fastest way to move the content into collections? Many of the solution pages we will probably build as static landing pages or leverage components on commonly used elements.
Does anyone know if Webflow has plans to develop a migration assistant to help companies migrate easily without the help of a third party agency? Any help or suggestions are welcome as we plan to start migrating in Jan 2024

Hopefully this will help! It’ll be a bit of a job for the pages but the blogs should transfer over quite easily


I would suggest putting everything in a spread sheet (CSV) and then upload it all through CMS. If you go into CMS there should be an import button.

I was thinking this was the way to go. I have arranged for our MYSQL database to be converted to CSV

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